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Rhymefest Takes Uk By Storm

Posted on October 21, 2006 by


Today Rhymefest has officially become the face of hip-hop in the UK. Fest's meeting with Tory leader and candidate for Pime Minister, David Cameron, to discuss their views on hip-hop and it's effects on society in the UK have been exploding on to the covers of the news papers, television sets and computers all over the UK and beyond today.

Here are some brief quotes about this historic meeting:

"David told me what his issues were and I told him what my issues were with what could be perceived in what he was saying and we came to what I believe was an understanding." - Rhymefest

"I had a very positive meeting with Rhymefest and Sony BMG today and I am keen to work with them in developing the idea of a project which harnesses the tremendous cultural power of artists and the music industry to support community radio and local music projects around the country," - David Cameron

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