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Snoop Dogg Sued Over Football Tv Show

Posted on January 7, 2007 by


Snoop Dogg has been sued by New York-based Natural Resources Media & Technology Group who state that the role he played in broadcasting a football program involving his Snoop Youth Football League Foundation (SYFL), has breached a contract with 20th Century Fox, who had both agreed to develop and broadcast a similar concept.

The deal believed to be a split venture with $100,000 used for initial endorsement of the program and footage of the league being shared and granted exclusive access resulting in a half revenue split.

Fox soon found out about this, and sent an immediate letter stating that all footage of the football league and activity was legally their own and should not have been used by anyone else.

Coach Snoop, what the Fox broadcast was going to be named is now in serious jeapordy as to whether or not it will still go ahead. Fox believe these exclusive rights have been broken and this could stall the deal and the film's potential success.

Natural Resources have now stated that production of the show has been put on hold, until the legal disputes can be settled and until Snoop can be successfully contacted.

$250,000 is the expected lawsuit with the additional attorney's fees.

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