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Speech releases The Vagabond

Posted on February 4, 2006 by


Speech was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is the force behind the hip-hop group, Arrested Development. His solo projects have been the free & more expressive side of Speech, trying anything from world music to folk. His mom and dad are both entrepreneurs owning a 35-year-old newspaper that addresses the issues of the inner city. It is from that atmosphere that Speech has held on to the pride and dignity of black culture. Refusing to sell more records by using degrading images of women and succumbing to materialism and Machismo. Instead he has experimented with melody, singing and spiritual themes.

Speech says, “I basically write songs that help me get through areas in my own life, it’s all soundtrack material, I also vowed not to stay in one genre but move freely where ever my spirit lead me”. He’s produced and written Grammy award winning songs, and has rocked audiences everywhere from Africa to America and all in between. He’s toured with Vice President Al Gore and first lady Hillary Clinton during the 1996 presidential re-election campaigns.

He toured with fellow Grammy Award-winners Hootie and the Blowfish, Herbie Hancock, Chaka Chan, Youssou N’Dour, James Brown, Parliament/Funkadelic, Jason Mraz, and the Roots. In addition to touring and releasing his own albums, he’s produced songs for Zap Mama, (Spike Lee’s) Malcolm X, Boomerang, Bebe Kids, Warriors of Virtue, Whipped and Michael Jordan’s “to the Max” (An IMAX production) Speech’s solo career however, is most successful in Japan. He has released 5 solo albums since 1996 all of which have spawned Top 10 hit singles. His album "Spiritual People" released in 2000 went Gold in 3 months of its release. It was also awarded the Best black music album of the year 2000 by Adlib magazine.

Speech has supported each album with sold out tours and intense promotional schedules making at least two trips to Japan per year. His Japanese website is Yet back in his present home Atlanta, His company, Vagabond productions has been a staple since 1994, promoting underground hip-hop, soul and culture. Now Speech has agreed to let release some of his solo material in a compilation called, "The Vagabond" in stores now.

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