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The Game Confirms He Is Out Of Prison

Posted on March 13, 2008 by


After we recently reported that The Game had been released from prison, confusion began on whether or not he had in fact been released or if he had been transferred to a new prison. The Game has now come forward to clear up the confusion and confirm that he is in fact a free man.

The Game was apparently released due to overcrowding in the prison after he served just an eighth of his sentence, being eight days inside. Despite reports that he has been released, other hip hop sites questioned whether he had been transferred to another prison.

The Game has now came forward to apologize for the confusion.

"I apologize for the conflicting news on my release, but due to the sensitive negotiations on this matter I felt it appropriate not to give an exact date on my release," the statement reads. "I am truly grateful to my attorney, family and management for doing a great job in this respect. Upon my release, I went directly to the studio with producers Cool & Dre and recorded several records, including my street record 'Big Dreams.' Thank you to all my fans as well for the support."

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Comment by Vrankin-T, on 28th March 2008

So cool I love the game so much

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