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The Game Offically Leaves Aftermath For Geffen

Posted on July 30, 2006 by


Following the recent rumours debating the future of The Game with Aftermath, it has been offically announced that the rapper has quit the label and moved across to Geffen Records.

There has been a lot of speculation of late relating to a possible move away from the Math, which has sparked some heated debate especially since his up and coming album The Doctor's Advocate will include production and appearances from those still on the Aftermath label, primarily Dr. Dre.

There is thought to be no hard feelings between the pair and Dr. Dre is still keen to be involved all the way up to the release date, through marketing and publicity campaigns.

It is expected that the album will go ahead as planned and the album will feature Nas and Mary J Blige, while production will come from Dr. Dre, Cool & Dre, Scott Storch among others.

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Comment by , on 5th October 2006

Events take place in life for significant reasons. The game is young, intelligent and will continue to grow and develope. Also he has friends like nas, to aid and assist him in all his conscious endeavors.

Comment by dopederrick, on 16th August 2006


Tha beef with 50 will stick around probly it doesnt matter that he off tha label and tha doctors advocate will still have all tha dre beats on there

Comment by wmoton, on 16th August 2006


I think its a good move on one hand to kill the controversy wit 50 but bad cuz he losin all dem dre beats

Comment by dopederrick, on 12th August 2006


Mannnnnn I thought him and dr.dre were really close and it cant be all 50 cuz he was around quite a while thru tha beef wit 50 so wtf is this all about

Comment by bosnianbig, on 5th August 2006

Fuck that u know the only reson hes leavin is because of 50

Comment by knf, on 1st August 2006

Hurricane game is 1 of the realist rappers out there now fuck all them commercial rappers rap is about the heart and the passion the money is a bonus like darkman x said "if u flashin it u must not want it" game bws

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