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The game creates a footwear storm

Posted on June 22, 2005 by


The game has partnered with 310 motoring to create a signature sneaker line which will be named "hurricane."

the "hurricane" model is the companys first venture into athletic footwear as opposed to the prior upscale footwear and apparel. The hurricane is expected to reach our stores for the 2005 holiday season. 310 is already set to continue this trend with the release of a high performance basketball sneaker in the first quarter of 2006.

Game is a close friend of nba guard baron davis. He played shooting guard for compton high school and went to college on a basketball scholarship for a short term before succumbing to the temptations of the streets. Game's partnership between 310 motoring began before the rapper inked with aftermath. Then unsigned, game befriended 310 motoring founder marc laidler back in 2001.

"i'm excited to be working with 310 and marc laidler, someone i've admired for a long time, on my own sneaker," the game stated. "with the hurricane sneaker, i'm moving beyond just being an entertainer and becoming an entrepreneur. As an athlete and a sneaker fan, i'm ready to drop my own completely original design ? an essential, multipurpose shoe. We're bringing together the two biggest names from la to make the hottest shoe in the country!"

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Comment by Xplizit, on 24th June 2005


Sounds kool! I wouldn't mind seeing a picture of what one of these new sneakers will look like!! Might be interested in buying a pair :p

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