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Ti Banned From 2 Counties Schools Following Charge

Posted on April 24, 2008 by


Rapper T.I. is yet again in the news. Following his weapons plea many schools have asked for him to attend and give a speech about staying out of trouble, which is a factor of his community services. Many schools are happy to welcome a successful artist, except for two single counties in his home town Atlanta, including Fulton County and Cobb County. Gerald Rose, campaigner of New World Order, has informed local WSB-TV that T.I. is "banned from all Cobb County schools." Cobb County cancelled an appearance at Pebblebrook High, due to the nature of the rapper's offences.

A spokesman confirmed that T.I. is not banned from the entire county, but due to gang problems and a death of a student, not so long ago, the timing for an appearance is not ideal. Fulton County have commented that T.I. is banned from their schools because of his gun related charges.

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Comment by EL-AYY, on 3rd June 2008

The man made a mistake, and yet people hold it over his head. How come? Did he use the guns he is being charged for? Has tip ever killed someone? Because a man makes a mistake, you shall not allow him to talk to others and try to be a better roll model so that your kids and others do no do the same. We as people do not look up to what rappers and other artists do, we look up to how they have grown from their mistakes and see that where they went and what happened to them is no where we want to be. Give the man a chance to explain him self and apologize to the public for his mistake.

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