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Ti Released From Prison On 3 Million Dollar Bond

Posted on October 28, 2007 by


Rapper T.I. has been released on a $3 million bond on the agreement that he must remain in his own home until the court appearance. The court will pass verdict on possession of machine guns and silencer charges.

T.I. will be confined to a single accommodation under 24 hour surveillance and will also pay for the privilege. He must also have no contact with others involved in the case, including witnesses and informants.

T.I. was arrested on October 13th after alleged attempts to acquire three machine guns and two silencers from an undercover agent. To further the crime, police discovered loaded weaponry and marijuana on him at the time of his arrest. A raid of his Atlanta mansion uncovered yet more weapons, all appearing to be loaded.

"On behalf of the family and friends of T.I., we appreciate the global outpouring of concern that he has received during this period," representatives for the rapper said. "T.I. is humbled by the overwhelming encouragement he is getting from his fans and offers his profound thanks to all."

If T.I. is found guilty of the charges he faces a maximum of 10 years imprisonment and a $250,000 fine on each count.

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Comment by usman34, on 16th April 2010

Free our grand hustler(t.i.p)

Comment by chingy lin, on 12th November 2007

Grand hustle

Comment by chingy lin, on 12th November 2007

My negger ti is not a killer men. Free my neggear. What you know about that ?

Comment by hiphopgurl09, on 5th November 2007

I'm glad he out of jail :)

Comment by Jizzle, on 2nd November 2007

Free tip :p

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