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Too Short Faces Losing Recording Studio

Posted on July 11, 2008 by


Too Short has found himself in some financial difficulty which may lead to the rapper losing a recording studio in Oakland which he recently opened. The rapper, real name Todd Shaw, has been forced to pay $1 million from a settlement agreed on back in the mid-90's where he was involved in a car crash. InsideBayArea reported that Short was involved in a head-on collision, which resulted in the fatal death of James Ellerbee, and also resulted in the driver suffering serious injuries.

Reports appear so suggest that Short was not directly responsible for the crash, but with Ellerbees's parents launching a $17 million lawsuit against him, an agreement was made out of court on a sum of $1 million. Documents have indicated that the rapper was not insured at the time and was also drunk whilst driving.

Now, 12 years on, Short has fallen short of the amount and police are now threatening to confiscate the equipment from his UpAllNite studio, which opened in May. The value of the equipment will be used to make up the remaining amounts due, which now totals $1.1 million due to interest charges.

Here is a conflict in stories, as court documents show the rapper has paid just $282,000 whilst Short's lawyer, Phaedra Parks told InsideBayArea that he has now paid over half of the settlement.

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Comment by dopederrick, on 11th July 2008


Damnnn short!!!

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