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Was Beanie Sigel Shooting A Publicity Stunt

Posted on August 16, 2006 by


Philadelphia investigators are looking into the validity of recent claims that Beanie Sigel was involved in a robbery and a shooting which followed.

The Philadelphia Daily News reported that the claims became fragile when the show The Aphilliates: The Streetz is Watchin', a weekly hip-hop show on Sirius Satellite Radio was broadcast.

"Oh! My getting shot and somebody robbing me! Negative," he remarked in an interview. "I am on federal parole, so I can't get into details, but give me another nine months and I will tell y'all exactly what the deal was."

Officials believe that Sigel lied about the incident and proclaim that the rapper either lied or exaggerated the truth.

Police believe that the rapper was in a club for the majority of the night and was caught on surveillance the following morning.

"No one believes him. We don't believe he was shot where he said he was shot [in South Philly]," said the leading detective.

"There's a million-and-one holes in his story," he said. "But because he's a rapper, he is not going to cooperate with police. It goes against everything he stands for."

To add to the suspicion no one witnessed the events and no shell casings were found. Police are said to be listening carefully to his latest CD for clues, so perhaps the publicty stunt was a success after all.

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