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Wu Tang Latino Artists Ready To Drop Wu Latino

Posted on March 30, 2008 by


The Latino counterparts of New York's infamous rap crew, Wu-Tang Clan, Wu-Tang Latino are readying a new album dubbed Wu Latino Presenta La Familia. The compilation, which includes tracks by Wu Latino artists, will be available on all major digital music stores starting April 29th. Lead single “Mama” by Boyz del Barrio (who have sold over 4 million copies worldwide of their past releases) has already hit the internet accompanied by the first of several music videos to come. Wu Latino Presenta La Familia will introduce these artists to new audiences worldwide and will set the stage for future releases from the Wu Latino camp.

As a label, Wu-Tang Latino is a collective of top-notch Latin talent, including hip-hop duo Fly and Polzino, Mangani, UKrime (which includes Rick Gonzalez from Illegal Tender, Biker Boyz, Coach Carter just to name a few) and melodic Bachata group Nueva Era (whose four self released albums sold over a quarter million copies), and the two-time Grammy winner “Pharell of Latin Music," Rameses (known for his contributions to Daddy Yankee's Barrio Fino). "A lot of Hip Hop and Latin artists are reaching out to make music with us, but at the moment we are very picky as to whom we work with," explained label owner Rayroq Acosta. “We don’t follow trends, we set them."

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