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Young Jeezy Explains The Snowman

Posted on October 2, 2005 by


It's right up there with the anti-snitching T-shirts as the must-have fashion item in the hip-hop community right now: a Young Jeezy Snowman shirt.

Earlier this year, Jeezy and Def Jam started giving out the shirts ? which prominently feature Jeezy's Snowman logo across the chest ? as promo items for the rapper's LP Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101. As Jeezy's popularity has grown, so has the fervor for the shirts. They've been heavily bootlegged but Jeezy says he's not angry at all.

"I got a clothing line, United Streets and D Boy Apparel, U.S.D.A.," he said. "By the time the line drops at the top of the winter, it's gonna be straight. I got a deal with Rocawear, we about to push the line. ... If the 'hood likes it, I love it."

Jeezy says wearing one of his tees is like having a ghetto pass.

"You gotta understand what it symbolizes," he explained. "It symbolizes a young hustler. If a cat goes and gets fresh, hits the club or goes to an event and he has a Snowman shirt on, it's almost like a white tee. You can throw on a white tee and G your way through the party. You might have a Snowman shirt on and it's all good. Everybody can't afford the Gucci and everything. It's the next best thing, the Snowman.

"Snowman is a cool dude," he continued. "He's a gangsta too. There's a Snowman in every 'hood, several Snowmen in the 'hood. You gotta be that dude to look up to with the car and the girl. Whatever you do, be the best at it, because that's what the Snowman is going to do."

Jeezy is still out promoting his debut LP. He says he's all booked up for the next several months but still has time to sneak in a few videos. Although nothing has been solidified, he's hoping that Def Jam shoots a video for Mariah Carey's "Shake It Off" remix, a track that features Jeezy and Jay-Z.

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