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Eminem - Curtain Call Album Review

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With the release of this greatest hits album, entitled Curtain Call, it now appears likely that Eminem's time for full time album recordings has come to an end. This album's intention is to sum up Em's career thus far and remind everyone of the long list of hits that he has produced. Of course, many hits have been discluded from the album, but there are just so many to choose from and the choices remain evenly spread selections from each and every main album.

Basically, Curtain Call is a package of all his singles. "My Name Is" and "Guilty Conscience" are highlights from the Slim Shady LP , MMLP is epitomized by "Stan", "The Real Slim Shady" and "The Way I Am". The unique Grammy performance of "Stan" featuring Elton John is also included as the albums encore. Inluded from The Eminem Show are "Without Me," "Cleaning Out My Closet", "Sing for the Moment" and "Mockingbird", "Just Lose It" and "Like Toy Soldiers" from "Encore" and "Lose Yourself" from the "8 Mile OST." which represents and reminds us of the 8 mile film.

This album is best recommended to those who are not as familiar with Eminem as others, and this will give a flavour of each and every album's style and help to broaden your scope on this artist and judge for yourself how his career has evolved.

Although, loyal Em fans may wish to buy the album, if not only to hear the new tracks included. "When I'm Gone" is yet another infectious track, and surely suggests that Eminem still has a lot to offer, as this track is undeniably superbly written and presented.

"Fack" is another new track and to be honest, perhaps it shouldn't be. This song has no meaning and does tend to get on your nerves after at least one play. There is no actual comparison between Fack and When I'm Gone, but the third new track featuring Nate Dogg, named "Shake That" is a solid club song, however does little to stand out amongst the classics.

This album does well to convey Eminem's career and give a flavour of what he has delivered to us throughout that. If you have all of his albums, there is little point in buying this, except to widen or complete your collection. Saying that, the album captures Eminem's classic moments and we hope that these can be recaptured before his final encore.

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Comment by doctor t, on 19th May 2008

This is the worst way to end your carrer eminemshould have released a new and fresh album in order to appease his fans

Comment by rext, on 19th November 2007

Great album and artist, going thru it! I used his 8 mile model for my clothing

Comment by lilboyblue, on 17th May 2007



Comment by tupacliveson_20, on 7th November 2006

Em's cool, but as I got older I realized he wasnt the best.this is one of my favorite albums. When i'm gone was a very very good song. I loved it, but yeah along wit what evey one else says he could have did better wit a couple of his songs, they were just to young minded for him.

Comment by D-Reppin, on 20th September 2006


:) great shady album...worst of his works but great nevertheless...but he's droppin re-up in december so im glad he's not out.. ***** out of *****

Comment by Bhargav, on 16th September 2006

Its totaly awesome

Comment by wmoton, on 6th September 2006


I jus think its an ok album. Compared to the ones before this one I think he could have done a better job.

Comment by lil dollar, on 8th June 2006

Eminem iz good he shouldnt of left . :roll:

Comment by Xplizit, on 18th April 2006


Good album! I agree with ellem though them 3 songs could have been replaced by better ones but hey i'm not gonna complain!

Comment by ellem, on 4th April 2006

This is just a collection of his biggest selling tracks, but not a collection of the best. They missed out decent tracks and replaced em with fack, shake that and guilty conscience. If I was to choose 3 tracks to replace them...they would be, we as americans, our house and go to sleep.
a good collection, worthy buyin if u aint a big eminem fan but like his stuff, the big fans like me, prefer the older unreleased stuff, and we already had them tracks, b4 they were

a nice album to end a career worthy of any white rapper.

Comment by shadow123, on 26th January 2006

Good end of his career great album

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