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Kurupt And J Wells - Digital Smoke Album Review

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True west coast rap. Who do you think of? You probably think of Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, 2Pac, Ice Cube, and a few more. But one of the forgotten members is Kurupt. Known as Ĺ of Tha Dogg Pound, with his partner, Daz Dillinger. Kurupt isn't on the same level as those others mentioned, but is one of those true gangsta rap pioneers in the west. If you didn't know, Kurupt was a lyrical beast in the early to somewhat late nineties, entering the game through Snoop and Dre. But as time progressed, he seemed to have lost a step, that aggression and swagger. He also just got flat out lazy. But this album is slight improvement, but still isn't what it used to once be. But he isn't alone, Kurupt brings along a new west coast rapper named J Wells. Once affiliated with Tha Alkoaliks, J Wells has gotten a chance with his own record label Bonzi Records. J Wells produced every track on the LP and has that perfect Kurupt and west coast sound. J Wells also raps on every track, as does Kurupt. J Wells isn't anything special, but can be an above average rapper with a tight flow.

The guests on this album are Roscoe, Tri-Star, Goodie Mob, Gail Gotti, Styliztik Jones, Y.A., James DeBarge, Butch Cassidy, Shorty, Knoc-turníAl, Kokane, and The Liks. Plenty of guests as you can see. But it's real nice to hear west coast greats Knoc-Turn'Al and Kokane still rapping. The LP does have a few miscues and J Wells still has some learning to do, but overall, it is a surprising album. If you're a fan of Kurupt, you should pick this up. Or if you're a loyal west coast fan, you will also like this to hear that familiar sound.

--- Track Listing ----

1. Smokestra
2. All We Smoke
3. Iím Just Sayin
4. Get it
5. Iím too Gangsta
6. Summertime
7. Digital Experience
8. Smokin
9. History
10. Weed types
11. L.A.
12. Got me Going
13. Itz Nothin
14. I Came in the door
15. Likwit Smokestra
16. Let Em Know

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Comment by shauntiana, on 5th September 2007

Cool! :d

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