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Consequence - Dont Quit Your Day Job Album Review

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This is Consequence's debut album "Don't Quit Your Day Job!" Of off Columbia, and Kanye West's imprint, GOOD (Getting Out Our Dreams). Cons has been around since the early to mid nineties but never released an album. He is also known as Q-Tip's cousin, the lead rapper in A Tribe Called Quest. Cons is more of a dedicated MC, which is a good thing as tt makes for higher quality music. His music is nothing but calm and collective. This LP doesn't have a poor song on it. There are a few miscues, but consistent nonetheless. He has a video out currently from the song "Callin' Me," it is a decent song, but there are better on the album. Due to low album sales he is working on another video. He even said if someone doesn't like one song on the album, he will refund the CD which is a bold statement for any artist to make.

The guests on the album include Kanye West, John Legend, DJ Khaled, Gangsta L. Crsis, and Really Doe. Not a bad list to support the album. The production comes from Koolaid, Kanye West, Canei, Younglord, Darren Henson, Len Wookfolk, Karriem Riggins, and Keezo Kane. The beats are very solid and soothing.

The album starts off very well with two good songs "Job Song" and "Don't Forget em." After words is "Uptown," mostly a sub-par song. That tone changes with the song "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly," with label mate, Kanye West, a solid song. "Night, Night" is a pretty cool song, but nothing over the top. Then, "Pretty Little Sexy Mama" is an alright song but sort of outlandish. "Feel This Way" with John Legend is probably one of the best songs on the album, Legend was really impressive on this joint. After that, the whole album is really solid.

Cons will hopefully stick around the game if he keeps making music like this. He probably won't get much publicity because he didn't have a hot single, which is sad to see. Everything about him is solid. He doesn't do anything spectacular, but is consistent in every area. Cons should continue to rap to get his well-deserved respect. If your looking for some solid rap, here it is. Consequence - Don't Quit Your Day Job! Cop it!

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Comment by samoei, on 6th December 2007

What is their main aim?

Comment by shauntiana, on 5th September 2007

So I know

Comment by AngryExcon, on 1st June 2007


If consequence stays solid and consistent all around he will reap the consequences eventually

Comment by lilboyblue, on 17th May 2007



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