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Clipse - Hell Hath No Fury Album Review

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This is Clipse's long awaited sophomore LP, Hell Hath, No Fury, taken from Star Trak
records and Re-Up Gang Records. This album has been delayed many times before and has been threatening to surface for around 4
years, since their impressive debut, Lord Willin' back in 2002.

While Lord Willin' is debatably more adept, this new release also merits high recommendations. Clipse's lyrics have evolved to the next level in terms of complexity and tend to come across as more advanced.

You can always depend on The Neptunes to deliver pin point prodution so it comes as no real surprise that they do so again here.

Breakdown of some of the most influencial tracks: (All songs produced by The Neptunes)

Momma I'm so sorry - Involves a good beat and a good introduction to the remainder of the album
Mr. Me Too - This track features Pharell and is the lead off single which comes as no shock as the track is one of the best execute don the entire album, with some solid lyrics from Pharell himself.
Wamp Wamp - Slim Thug makes an appearance on this second single, but was not neccessarily required to make the track a success.
Ride Around Shining - Liva guests on this track and collaboration with the Clipse make this an explosive track with fresh verses and a unique accompanying beat.
Hello New World - Another great track, which epitamises the way in which the Clipse have grown since their previous release.
Nightmares - Bilal stars on this track and his flow is on point. A classic end to a very solid release.

Clipse deserve the praise of this release as they have produced an album of high quality and they seem to work perfectly in tandem. After a long hiatus, this release proves that they are still a solid unit and can produce classic hip hop tracks at the drop of a hat.

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Comment by YUNGRO, on 24th December 2009

There is great admiration for the clipse. They have endured a hard road and have the priviledge of working with the neptunes. Yung ro goal is to work with pharell sometime in the near future. Yung ro "fresha den a mall" is currently being envied by the labels. He is the ceo of bpent, a st.louis based indie company.

Comment by bigmike, on 14th May 2008

Big ass and fat pussy ;)

Comment by smokin_n8tive, on 14th April 2008

Slim should of spit a verse on that wamp wamp. But its still good.

Comment by wmoton, on 23rd August 2007


Good album, typical clipse. Lotta grimey flows ova pharell beats 8)

Comment by lilboyblue, on 17th May 2007



Comment by siblingz, on 17th May 2007



Comment by Rick James, on 17th May 2007


Not a bad lp :lol:

Comment by D-Reppin, on 17th December 2006


4/5 very strong release from the clipse..lyricism takes over this album..the clipse are definitely on point this time, and the neptunes added some good beat to support malice and pusha-t's lyrical flow..i like it but lord willin was prolly better, since it established them as one of the few set of emcees that are lyrically adept..good stuff.

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