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Ice Cube - Laugh Now Cry Later Album Review

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Ice Cube released "Laugh now, Cry later" on June 6th, 06. This is his first CD in 6 years after two disappointing CDs which were "War and Peace vol. 1 & 2" He released it under Lench Mob once again.

Here is a breakdown of some of the individual songs:

Why We Thugs - Lead off single from the album which shows a maturing Cube emerging and stating his intent for the remainder of the album.

Laugh now, Cry later the title track is one the best on the album, accompanied by a solid beat and solid lyrics.

Go to Church-Feat. Snoop Dogg & Lil Jon shows 3 artists on the top of their game, and is surely a must hear for any hip hop music fan.

Growin Up is a statement of Cube's progression and demonstrates his passion for both music and those supporting him. Cube raps about his family, the love for his many fans and the NWA era.

Overall this CD gets a 4/5. This release is a great comeback and great for the game. This is a must get for true hip hop fans out there who will see Cube in a new state of mind.

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Comment by lilboyblue, on 17th May 2007



Comment by InFullControl, on 18th November 2006

It's about time. I was anticipating something fresh and new from cube. He has always been the same. From the hard core flow to movie magic and then back into droppin a couple of dimes to keep us honest on what tru rhyming is :)

Comment by D-Reppin, on 20th September 2006


8) good stuff...cube remains the same over the past years and keeps his style not changing and adapting to most of the new b.s. You hear..keep it up cube **** out of ***** (far from death certificate)

Comment by wmoton, on 21st August 2006


I got this one too, nice album cube stays consistent

Comment by dopederrick, on 16th August 2006


Knf u callin tha war disc tha best outta tha war and peace volumes or sayin tha war disc was his best cd cuz those two cds were disapointments

Comment by knf, on 15th August 2006

I got this album and it aint 2 bad the 1st half of it is good the rest of it is ok it definitly wont live long in the memory war and peace the war disc is by far the best

Comment by dopederrick, on 13th July 2006


I wrote some of that :d

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