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Mf Doom - Mm Food Album Review

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"MM..Food" was originally dropped in 2004 off of Rhymesayers Entertainment but has been out of print for quite a while and was a very rare CD. But it has been finally re-released with a DVD included. If you don't know, DOOM wears a mask everywhere he goes in public, he is not photographed without it. He has many aliases that he releases LP's under as well such as King Geedorah, Viktor Vaughn, Zev Love X, and Metal Fingers. The mask idea comes from the Fantastic Four based on the character DR. Doom. Also, some of the beat samples come from the show as well.

DOOM is lyrically amazing no doubt. He lacks the chorus part in his songs, but he does make up for it. His songs on lots of his LP's include half instrumental songs, and half rapping. There are also some just plain old instrumentals, but they're real smooth, good beats. But besides his complex ideas and style, he is real talented and stands out from the rest. He provides a good message with amazing lyrics.

"MM..Food" proves exactly that. This CD is a dedication to the comparison of food and life metaphors. All but 3 tracks were produced by DOOM himself. The other 3 producers were Count Bass D, Madlib, and PNS. The guest rappers are Angelika, 4ize, and Mr. Fantastik. There are four instrumentals on the album, tracks number six, seven, eight, and nine, but it is a interesting listen the first few times. Every song DOOM raps on has some point of shine lyrically. All the beats are on par, or great, expect one. That would be the song "One Beer." The standout songs include "Kon Karne," "Vomitspit," and "Kookies." But every song stands out one way or another.

Overall, this classic LP is absolutely a 5 star. You must pick this re-issue right away if you're a DOOM fan or an underground rap fan. But whoever you are, the lyrics will intrigue you.

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