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Busta Rhymes - The Big Bang Album Review

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This is Busta's first new album in four years and his debut off of Dr. Dre's label Aftermath. Surprisingly, Busta has never sounded so mature with songs like "In the Ghetto", "Been Through The Storm, and "You Can't Hold The Torch." But having said that, the CD is also overloaded with more guests than neccessary. The exceptions to this were Stevie Wonder, while Busta and Q-Tip on the mic also sounded good together. While Rick James middling and Swizz Beatz should stick to producing. But it appears an improved effort from Busta than his prior CDs.

Here is a breakdown of some of the individual songs which are recommended:

Get You Some - Feat. Q-Tip and Marsha, produced by Dr. Dre is the opening track which fails to make a major impression, despite Dre's beat.

Touch It is produced by Swizz Beatz and is the 'club banger' from the album which will be heard in clubs without question.

How we do it Over Here features Missy Elliot, and is again produced by Dr.Dre. Busta takes it easy on this track and it's Missy who seems to be bringing the heat. She overshadows him on his own track which is usually not a good sign.

New York Shit Features Swizz Beatz, produced by DJ Scratch, is the 3rd single of the CD, and one of the best songs all about New York pride. Swizz would do well to remain on the production side as his performance was not on par with Bustas vocals.

Been Through The Storm features the legend Stevie Wonder and is produced by Sha Money XL. The lyrics focus on Busta's life.

In the Ghetto features Rick James, produced by DJ Green. Busta puts some vocals from the late great Rick James on here, in a mediocre tribute track.

You Can't Hold The Torch features Q-Tip and Chauncey Black and is produced by J Dilla. This all contributes to a stand out track.
Great song, great lyrics. What they're putting across is correct and Q-Tip's performance is back to his best.

Don't Get Carried Away features Nas and is produced by Dr. Dre. You would expect a classic from this trio and all 3 come together well in an almost classic track which just lacks some special flare.

Overall, this CD deserves 4 out of 5, despite some songs being head scratchers but overall it is a solid album. Busta appears to have improved and with the contribution of Dr Dre's production skills the album didn't disappoint.

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Reaction Comments

Comment by shauntiana, on 5th September 2007

This is ok! ;)

Comment by lilboyblue, on 17th May 2007



Comment by Rick James, on 17th May 2007


This album aint as good as bussa buss's old shit, stil a decent album, just not up to his level yeh? :(

Comment by Clev PHI, on 25th March 2007

Busta bust just ain't like the leader of the new school days

Comment by MR MAC 10, on 6th February 2007

Its an average album, I am not a fan of busta, but I am of dre

Comment by D-Reppin, on 20th September 2006


8) its ok but im not that a fan of busta but its still ok *** out of *****

Comment by lilace, on 11th September 2006


Comment by kaztro, on 6th September 2006

Pretty dope,busta is really matured on dia 1"been thru da storm" damn dat track is cruel :d

Comment by wmoton, on 6th September 2006


Pretty good album not his best but "new york shit" is a hot song

Comment by dopederrick, on 14th July 2006


I wrote 75% of that :d

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