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B.g. And The Chopper City Boys - We Got This Album Review

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B.g. And The Chopper City Boys We Got This.jpg review

The Chopper City Boys come out with their debut "We Got This", off of Koch Records and the Chopper City imprint. The Boys include Hakim, V.L. Mike, Sniper, and Gar. The best lyricist out of that group would have to be V.L. Mike. He provides some hot verses on this album. Hakim has his moments, but Sniper and Gar need improvement. But this LP sure could use more B.G., he was on only 4 songs. The one guest appearance is Mercedes.

The production comes from Coree Benton, Bass Heavy, David Banner, Kidd, Crack Tracks, 1 Trak Minds, Tone-Tone, and Beat Doctor. The production provides a few good songs, but is average at best. Some of the standout tracks include "Bounce", "Thorough Street N****", "Flatliners," and "Crucial S***." Some skippers include "Taking over," "What I like about her," and "Chopper City," the rest of the songs are average. If you're a fan of B.G. you're probably going to enjoy this album, but of course it's not as good as a B.G. LP. So, it is worthy of your collection. Or, if you just love that gangsta rap sound, this is perfect for that role. If on the other hand you're looking for high level classic lyricism, you will be disappointed. Otherwise, this was a respectable debut for The Chopper City Boys.

Track Listing-------

1. Intro
2. Taking Over
3. Bounce
4. Make em mad
5. Thorough Street N****
6. It's real
7. What I like about her
8. Flatliners
9. Chopper City
10. Never Had
11. Knuckle up
12. Heart of a killer
13. Going on
14. Crucial S***
15. Shake em off
16. All eyes on me
17. All my N****
18. Choppa City Boys
19. My block

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