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2 Pac Wallpaper // Legend

2 Pac Wallpaper

Artist: 2 Pac

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Rating:Wallpaper Rating 4 (189 votes)

Submitted By: HHR

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Reaction Comments

Comment by richmond, on 26th October 2008

The legend no boubt.pacs legacy lives on

Comment by OuTlAwZ, on 3rd May 2008

2pac 4 life homiez

Comment by OuTlAwZ, on 3rd May 2008

2pac 4 life homiez

Comment by pure_playa1, on 16th February 2008

I just hope that he found his heaven for thugz r.i.p.

Comment by vinvin, on 14th January 2008

That is the bomb word dog 8) 8)

Comment by lil dollar, on 1st June 2006

R.i.p 2pac he iz da best rapper hu ever lived.
:d 8)
2pac iz da best

Comment by ellem, on 4th April 2006

Yaa, this ya boi ellem here, pac is savin me a place up there in that thuuug mansion...ima seeya soon ma friend, much love to ya...respect,

Comment by gutter, on 17th March 2006

R.i.p may the lord keep his soul in the thug heaven. Amen! 8)

Comment by ALFRED, on 10th February 2006

Tupac is the greatest rapper that ever lived 8)

Comment by RapPhene101, on 24th December 2005

Yo, if you a true hip-hop fan then this tu pac wall papper is a must have!

Comment by Xplizit, on 15th August 2005


8) tupac is a legend without a doubt! Nice wallpaper!

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