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Ti Wallpaper // Ti 1

Ti Wallpaper

Artist: Ti

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Submitted By: HHR

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Reaction Comments

Comment by teannadacuttes, on 20th May 2009

Yall know wats up dis ma baby :)

Comment by Kailynn Curry, on 25th March 2009

Thats my nicca? 8)

Comment by soulja_girl, on 11th January 2009

Yo msbrown this is my new one it used to be xocana_sexy ive changed and ur in mi crew

Comment by kevin, on 31st October 2008

Fuck him.he is damn too ugly.wait till u see me

Comment by seretta dantzle, on 16th October 2008

U r hot
;) ;) ;)

Comment by msbrown0, on 13th October 2008

This is my baby he is ssexy but chris brown come first :roll:

Comment by xocana_sexy, on 12th October 2008

Wiked hes hot :oops: :p

Comment by whitney2006, on 16th August 2008

T.i. Takes really great pics!

Comment by enoch, on 3rd July 2008

Awesome 8)

Comment by brigette, on 4th June 2008

Wuz good

Comment by janet, on 5th May 2008

;)ti speak da ture thats y I love him wish I knew him he got these bitch as niggas n check

Comment by mario, on 22nd April 2008

Boosie is better

Comment by yusmin, on 8th April 2008

8) hi

Comment by cecebabygirl9, on 27th March 2008

This my booooooo.he is so fuckin fine bitches :roll: :p

Comment by angelangelius, on 15th March 2008

I love t. I. Because he gets off in his music

Comment by Ryu Young Omega, on 11th March 2008

Straight out with my gold gaht i'm shooting at some cars to start some droma oh scurt on 22's ya don't get my clues I luuv my baby my momma my ryu doge' will start some droma I got ah hoommie with ah pack of money girls i'll be yo honey i'm ah benjamin scurt with my 22's.yea! All about tha benjamins baby!

Comment by T$baby$, on 7th February 2008

I guess I got it crackin'

Comment by reptile, on 1st November 2007

Yeah this one is off da chain

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