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Soulja Boy Wallpaper // You Do That Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy Wallpaper

Artist: Soulja Boy

Downloads: 2141

Rating:Wallpaper Rating 5 (174 votes)

Submitted By: HHR

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Reaction Comments

Comment by shanterrica, on 1st February 2010

Whts up love yhu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by naa, on 28th May 2009

Oooooooh my he,s soo fyne lyk damn :p :lol:

Comment by aalorzuke2000, on 21st May 2009

You are my man

Comment by lizzie_obrien, on 29th March 2009

Oh he is mine I saw he first :p :oops: 8)

Comment by soulja_girl, on 11th January 2009

Im ms soulja girl so I think u is mine so fuck all u apart from mi girl soldiergirl2696

Comment by soulja_girl, on 11th January 2009

My new name is ms soulja girl so I think that mean u belong to me :d :p

Comment by angelangelius, on 28th October 2008

I love soulja boy so much......i would marry him if I had da chance!!! I love him and body and also his music too.....can't wait 4 another album of his

Comment by xocana_sexy, on 25th October 2008

In comes ms solja gial mi is hot like a pepper so ur mine :lol: :lol: :lol:

Comment by, on 24th September 2008

:d omg u r so fuckin sexy I would die 4 u I love u always

Comment by kygirl123, on 12th September 2008

Oh my gosh I love him he is so fine but chris brown is hotter :) :p ;) 8) :? :d

Comment by bad boy, on 9th July 2008

Soulja boy is a gangsta

Comment by clay, on 4th June 2008

Youuuuuuu :oops:

Comment by zdollar, on 25th May 2008

Relax ladys soulja boy my nigga,he looks cofussed but clave than you 8)

Comment by chrisgurl01, on 25th April 2008

Damn baby tell dem gurls fall back casue u taken by me your one and only soujia gurl baby

Comment by chrisgurl01, on 24th April 2008

Once agin he's mines so yall just need to fall back and let me love him

Comment by chrisgurl01, on 24th April 2008

Dis my man let me be your soujia gurl I will love u forever in a day baby

Comment by yummy..., on 17th April 2008

God dammm sex.c

Comment by pooh15, on 14th April 2008


;) sexy!!!

Comment by Soldiergirl2696, on 27th March 2008

8) :d :lol: :) ;) :p I love you soulja are so cute.let me be you're soulja girl

Comment by angelangelius, on 15th March 2008

8) I love soulja boy because he is so sexy and I love his music...i would love to date him, too

Comment by vonti johns, on 6th March 2008

Hey I looooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee

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