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Lil Wayne Wallpaper // Tha Carter Iii

Lil Wayne Wallpaper

Artist: Lil Wayne

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Submitted By: HHR

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Reaction Comments

Comment by jessica106, on 10th November 2009

Lil waynes song a milli and lolipop are the best.

Comment by Alex kikenya, on 31st October 2009

Man ur game iz so up

Comment by Mr.grandhusala, on 5th September 2009

Lil wayne be on every fucking song he da shit ad I gotta give him props

Comment by babywayne, on 26th May 2009

I love you wayne you are so sexy. I wish I can see you in real person

Comment by MysNeeDee, on 18th May 2009

He qawd ah mean voicee :roll:

Comment by mate, on 14th May 2009

He visd juth one bad rud boy lol 8)

Comment by Gdamage, on 16th March 2009

No no no wow now this is some tight staff right here , im talking about the one and hotest and only , the man himself young weezy , mr carter has done it again. He is the impressive lil wayne :lol: 8) :d :) ;) ;)

Comment by priscilla, on 15th January 2009

I like the way lil wayne rap the way he move his body the way he looks I like everything about him

Comment by rangani_1, on 19th December 2008

:roll: I motherfuken feel high by kanye g unit and game. U r rocking in sa nigga

Comment by Chris Paul, on 4th December 2008


Mutha fuc all yall mr.mike tyson flow uppercut all yall .weezy

Comment by goodlookingmama, on 2nd December 2008

You lookin fine
yo holla at your gurl 8)

Comment by lil cat, on 7th November 2008

U look sxy like always ;) ;)

Comment by angelangelius, on 28th October 2008

I love lil wayne 2!! I love his body and I love his songz....but he doezn't have a body like soulja boy though......soulja boy'z is way cute and more fine than his. And at least you could see soulja boy abs!!!! 8)

Comment by Lil Jordan, on 23rd October 2008



Comment by msbrown0, on 13th October 2008

This cute

Comment by Mrs. Kinney, on 7th October 2008

This picture is so damn hot and ladies you know it :)

Comment by Sharm-03, on 1st October 2008

I love lil wayne :p

Comment by, on 24th September 2008

:d I love ur song with t-pain dat waz sick

Comment by, on 24th September 2008

I love u cause u r da best rapper

Comment by $PoohB ear$, on 11th June 2008

He is som fine man I will do everthing to thta man he is so damn sexy ;)

Comment by kygirl123, on 28th May 2008

He is soo hott!

Comment by Grandhustla, on 19th May 2008

Ths mafckr sucks big tym :d

Comment by doctor t, on 16th May 2008


Comment by janet, on 24th April 2008

Lil'wayne I like yo musice I won't you to send me musice

Comment by janet, on 24th April 2008

Lil'wayne like yo musice I won't you to send me musice

Comment by lilrapgurl861, on 11th April 2008

Ooh la la!! Sexxi!!!! :d

Comment by butterfly_cici, on 10th April 2008

I like.

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